Hello world!

on February 14, 2013

We are happy to put up a real web site for OreZom Trails!

It’s a little rough at the moment, but all art is a work in progress!


AlexZ      BrandonZ

9 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. orezombie says:


  2. Alex Hogan says:

    Huh. I wonder if this works.

  3. Alex Hogan says:

    Ooh it did! So these comments are displayed beneath the web page post too – pretty cool!

  4. Alex Hogan says:

    Next….. twwwwiiitttterrrrr

  5. Alex Hogan says:

    Ok the next one should show on the OZT page. Nothing to see here! This was just a test alarm. In the event of a REAL emergency, your ear drums would have been shattered by an earthsplitting kaboom!

  6. You said it brother.

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