UIX – Extending the Interface

I got tired of having to guess whether a tile in the world was a “Spawn Stuff Here” tile or a “Don’t Spawn Stuff here” tile.  So I added a gizmo to help me tell them at a glance while I paint them down in the editor.

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We are testing a bulletin board here!

As part of the Master Chaos Control Plan we will be testing out a forum here!

With a bit of luck it will help us manage beta testing communication.

It might crash and burn, leaving death and destruction in it’s wake — but leaving you and I only stronger for the experience.

Please pardon the roughness of the forum, it’s a bit of a Mess.



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Kickstarter Digital Rewards are Ready!

Hello World!

We are extremely happy to be able to tell you that the digital rewards are ready, packaged, and available for you to download!

The game isn’t done yet, so I want to be clear that the game is not one of the digital rewards of which we speak – though it is coming along quite well.

You can find the digital rewards available for download from our new webpage, at http://www.orezom.com/kickstarter-rewards/

The password to enter that page is:


Anything else you may need to download the content will be provided in a forthcoming series of arcane communicae.

A Small Game Boss Update

We’ve also been putting a little bit of content together for a Game Boss finale – and you’ll be able to see that soon – probably on the final episode!



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Hello world!

We are happy to put up a real web site for OreZom Trails!

It’s a little rough at the moment, but all art is a work in progress!


AlexZ      BrandonZ